Specifications for Electronic Art Submission:


To connect to our FTP site, simply type in:


Username: PDT010

Password: pdt0101


Acceptable Media

  • Emailed files or compressed folders under 5MB
  • CD or DVD
  • FTP (ask your Customer Service Representative about this option)

***Please send art in a timely fashion in case any issues arise and need resolved.


File Formats Accepted (Mac or PC)

  • Illustrator CS5 or below:  .ai, .eps or .pdf files
  • Photoshop CS5 or below:  .tif, .eps., .psd or ,jpg files
  • InDesign CS4 or below:  .indd files (these files are not recommended for large format printing)
  • Corel Draw 12 or below:  exported to Illustrator (.ai) for Mac Version
  • Freehand and Flexi- converted to Illustrator (.ai) or .eps format


File Formats Not Accepted

  • Power Point
  • Excel
  • Word
  • Quark
  • Publisher

***Please contact our prepress department if you have any questions.


To ensure there are no delays in production with your job, please make sure you follow these additional guidelines:



  • Please include your fonts or convert all text in your documents to outlines!



  • All photos should be at least 100 dpi at print size. If scanning your image, please scan it with the highest resolution settings. Larger print sizes may allow for lower resolution.
  • Preferred file formats are .tif and .eps.
  • While not advised due to the loss of compression associated with them, .psd and .jpegs can be used.
  • Gif and bmp files are generally unacceptable. Please contact our prepress department with any questions concerning resolution and output size.
  • All files should be print ready; any modifications needed may result in additional charges.



  • Files saved in RGB or CMYK are accepted, while CMYK is preferred. Keep your file in the color space it was created in, and don't mix the two. (IE, do not place RGB images in a CMYK document or the reverse)



  • Please include printed proofs or laser prints, including references to any specific colors and finished sizes.



  • All specialty colors need to be clearly indentified, especially PMS colors.
  • PMS or spot colors that need matched may result in additional charges.



  • Please save files at print size or at half size in direct proportion to printed size. If saving at half size, please do so only if it is a vector file. In addition, please specify on your proof or tell your customer service representative if saving at reduced size. A 1/4" bleed on all 4 sides is required for mounted pieces, while a 1" bleed on all 4 sides is necessary for hemmed banners. As a general rule, add a minimum of 1/4" all around your art.



  • Compress files to be sent via FTP with tools like WinZip (on PC) or Stuff-It (on Mac). This will facilitate transferring files to and from the FTP server. Please verify your archives before sending.



  • We offer 3 methods of proofing your job:

o   NO PROOF - Because rush orders do not allow for enough proof time, we will process prints following the exact image we receive in the files provided by the customer. It is imperative that customers provide files that accurately represent the products to be delivered. On rush orders, we cannot be responsible for errors /omissions in the original designs and we will require a signed proof waiver form to run your rush order.  If there are any problems with your rush order, you are accepting full responsibility.

o   PDF/JPEG - These low-resolution files are for ease of use and to accommodate e-mail inbox file size limitations. Due to variations between computer monitors, the colors represented in the electronic proof may not be true to the final output. These proofs should not be used to judge the quality of the final output, but for content only.

o   HARD PROOF - A reduced size version of the actual product.

  • Regardless of your proofing method, please review them carefully as we can not be responsible for missing elements and spelling errors.


Please contact a customer service representative prior to sending us files or with any questions you might have about your order. Contact our prepress department with any technical or design related questions.